With no arguments, /restrict reports the current restriction level.

With an argument, /restrict sets the restriction level. Once restriction has been set to a particular level, it can not be lowered.

level 0: NONE
No restrictions.
level 1: SHELL
Prevents all access to shell or external commands. Disables TF builtins "/sh" and "/quote !", and uncompression during /load and /help.
level 2: FILE
Prevents reading and writing of files. Disables TF builtins "/load", "/save", "/saveworld", "/log", and "/quote '", "tfopen()", the "sockmload feature. Implies /restrict shell.
level 3: WORLD
Disallows all new user-defined connections. The TF builtins /addworld and the "/connect host port" semantics are disabled. Implies /restrict file.

/Restrict is typically placed in %{TFLIBDIR}/local.tf by an administrator of a public copy of TF who wishes to restrict users' access.

Note that while I believe these options to be secure, I provide no warranty to that effect.

See: warranty

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